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Phone – (479) 474-3365    Fax – (479) 474-1330      8941 N. Hwy 59 Cedarville, AR 72932 or PO Box 88 Cedarville, AR 72932

Superintendent: Fred Snipes

Office Manager: Stacey Shelly

We have 24 hour phone service.  If you have a problem after hours, please leave a message.


We are the largest rural water company in Crawford County and have been supplying water to our area since 1969.


Water bills are mailed so that you should receive them on the first of each month. If you have not received your bill by the third of the month, please call our office; we may not have the correct billing address.

You can pay your bill the following ways:

1. Mail a check or money order to PO Box 88 Cedarville, AR 72932.

2. Pay in person at the office by cash, check, money order, credit or debit.

3. Night Deposit Box located on the front door of the office. Please put your payment in an envelope with your name and account number.

4. Automatic bank draft withdrawn on the tenth of the month.

5. Pay by phone at 1-844-371-3582 or call our office to pay.

6. Or  Click Here to Pay Online

**Please note that all credit/debit payments have a minimum fee of $2.00.  Fees are based on your bill amount.**


There is a $30.00 service charge on all returned checks.

If your meter is pulled for any reason there is a $60.00 (total) service charges.

If service is ever disconnected for non-payment of a bill, the account must be paid in full before service can be restored which includes all past due amounts, current bill and the service charges.  Cedarville Waterworks Technicians are not bonded to carry money, and thus can not accept payments in the field.

Service charges for Cedarville Waterworks are $30.00 during business hours.

After hour service charges are $50.00.

After the 12th of every month, a 10% late fee is added to any balance remaining on an account.


Notice all information on the bottom left hand portion of the bill.  If we cannot reach you by phone and suspect you have a leak, we will note this information on your bill card.


Meters MUST be accessible to Cedarville Waterworks personnel.

Customers will be fined when a meter is inaccessible due to fences, locked gates, tall grass, weeds or animals.

The meter boxes have been left unlocked for convenience of access.

However, this does not give anyone permission to tamper with the meter.

We ask that you please cover your meter lightly with hay, newspapers, or even a door mat to prevent freezing during winter months.


Customers are responsible for the lids to their meter boxes.

The lid should be kept on the box to prevent freezing, keep trash and reptiles out, and prevent personal injuries.

Effective January 1st, 2005: All new taps must have a shut off valve installed within three feet of the meter on the customer’s side.  This installation is at the customer’s expense.


Cedarville Waterworks highly recommends that each customer own a water key to be able to shut off their own meter.

Pressure regulators and back flow prevention valves are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Homes with 75 PSI at the meter MUST install a pressure regulator at their expense.

The homeowner is responsible for Plumbing Inspections on new construction or major remodels.

You are responsible for all water that goes through your meter.


If you move, please contact us as soon as possible so you are not charged for water that you did not use.

 Many leaks or ways of losing water are hard to detect. Some leaks are bathroom leaks that seep into the septic tank.

Water can also follow pipes or cracks in rocks and will not surface for several yards. Another common problem is your toilet tank leaking continually. The company will assume no responsibility for water loss on the customer’s side of the meter.

Unreported leaks on the main line are very costly for both the customer and the company.


Well water and public water lines cannot be plumbed into the same dwelling. Anyone with this type of connection is in VIOLATION of STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT and Cedarville Waterworks REGULATONS.

More than one dwelling or business hooked to the same meter is a violation.

These violations could lead to removal of a tap if discovered.

Buildings, mobile homes, septic tanks and lateral lines must be at least 15 feet from the main water line.

Septic tank and lateral lines also have to be 15 feet from private service lines.











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